Cryptocurrency Payment Options

As Wild Casino allows players to not only make deposits using cryptocurrencies, but also allows those players to also make a rapidly and completely hassle free withdrawal using cryptocurrencies, in the following guide I want to enlighten you as to how you can set about using a cryptocurrencies as a casino funding and withdrawal method.

What you are first required to do if you do want to start using cryptocurrencies, is to get yourself a digital currency wallet, there are several of them now available, so do a little research as some of them are better than others.

One feature that many people do look for from a digital currency wallet is to have the ability of being able to use one single digital currency wallet to access different cryptocurrencies that are stored on a  range of different blockchain.

You will not be required to have to pay anything to get yourself a digital currency wallet, and when you are registering your passwords and the such like to get access to the one you have chosen make sure you make a note of your password, key word phrases and any other information you will need to get access to your cryptocurrencies.

If you fail to make a note of those details and do not store them somewhere completely safe and secure, if your computer or mobile device on which you have your digital currency wallet downloaded onto is stolen, breaks or it is not operational for any reason, then you will not be able to access your cryptocurrencies!

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

As soon as you have downloaded and signed up to use a digital currency wallet then you are good to go and can set about buying any volume of the crypto currency you wish to start using as your preferred casino deposit option.

That will simply entail you visiting what are known as digital currency exchanges, and by doing so you will then be able to look up the current sport value of any cryptocurrencies you wish to purchase from those digital currency exchanges and will be able to buy any quantity of them for the spot price quoted.

Please do be aware however that there will be a range of different payment options and methods you can use to make your purchase with, however there are often a range of fees and charged you have to pay when using certain payment methods too.

Once your purchase has been purchased your crypto currency will then be sent to you and you can gain access to them via your digital currency wallet. You can then send your digital currencies into your Wild Casino account by simply following the instructions on their banking interface.

You can of course request a winning payout be sent back to you at any time in any of the cryptocurrencies they offer via the banking interface, and once they have been sent to your digital currency wallet you can then turn them into cold hard cash at any point in time by using the services of a digital currency exchange once again!