Learn How to Play Blackjack

Playing Blackjack at Wild Casino is of course something that you are more than welcome to do online or on your mobile device, and you can of course set about testing out their many different variants for free or for real money too.

However, Blackjack is a game that does boast some of the very lowest house edges of any casino card games, but only if you play off each hand optimally, which is something I will enlighten you about a little bit further down in this guide.

But to start will I will give you  basic overview of just how to play Blackjack, for thanks to those tiny house edges that can be achieved when playing most variants it is surely going to be a game you will be tempted to play at one time or another when logged into that top rated casino site!

You are first tasked with choosing a stake at which to play any Blackjack game for, you can play for some very low chip values or can play for some very high stake levels, so it is certainly a game all players can afford to play, no matter what their bankroll is.

Once you are happy with the stake you have chosen to play for you simply have to click onto the Deal button, and the Dealer will then deal out to you two playing cards and his initial card or card.

You will however only get to see one of the Dealers cards, and as such at the initial stage of the game you are tasked with then having to decide how to play off your hand. The aim is to get a higher valued hand than that do the Dealers hand without going over 21 in value.

You have several options including hitting your hand, which will see you getting dealt out one additional card each time you click the hit button and there is no charge payable when choosing that option.

You would be offered the option of doubling down on certain two card hand combinations and when you do so you are deal tout one additional card but you have to pay an additional stake equal to your initial stake wagered on that hand.

Splitting cards will see you being able to form two new hands when you are deal tout a pair of matching playing cards with the same value such as a pair of 4’s or 7’s, the new hand formed will however require an additional stake being placed on the new additional hand formed, which will be the same value as your initial bet.

Tips for Playing Blackjack

You will be offered an Insurance side bet wager if the Dealer is for example dealt out an Ace, that bet pays out at 2 to 1 if the Dealer then reveals a 10 valued card as his next card, however that bet comes with a high house edge and is one you should never place.

The best way to play Blackjack of any type and variant is for you to get a basic strategy card for that variant, as that way you can look up ever single hand combination that is dealt out to you and by following the playing instructions on that Blackjack strategy card you will be playing in the best possible way using the optimal playing strategy for that variant!