Slot Game Bonus Features Explained

As there are some many bonus games and bonus features on offer on each of the many different slot machines and slot games available to players at Wild Casino, I have put together this guide to allow you to get your head around how the most popular and most often triggered bonus games will play off once they have been awarded to you.

Some slot games now offer a gamble type optional bonus game, which you can take as soon as you have spun in a winning combination.

Those bonus games will be fairly straight forward to play off and offer you the chance of doubling the value of any spun in base game winning combination by simply guess the colour of a playing card that will be dealt out to you once you have made your colour prediction.

However, you may be offered the chance of quadrupling the value of a spun in winning payout by guessing the suit of the next playing card dealt out to you on the gamble game screen. Just keep in mind though that if you guess the colour for the suit of the next card that is dealt out you will lose what you won on the base game!

Main Slot Machine Bonus Games

A set of free spins is what most online and mobile slot games and slot machines will offer as their main bonus game, and once triggered a set number of free spins which could also re-trigger are then awarded to you.

What makes those bonus games highly appealing to slot players is that some high valued multipliers could be and often are in live play as you are playing off your awarded free spins which will then boost the value of any and all winning payouts spun in.

A pick and match type of bonus game is another type of bonus game that some online and mobile slot games have on offer, once that type of bonus feature is awarded to you then you are tasked with picking off locations form the bonus game screen.

The aim is to reveal a set number of high valued winning payouts or even match a set number of progressive jackpot logos to win the respective cash payout or progressive jackpot.

Pick and win bonus games are fairly straight forward to play off, and when you are awarded such a  bonus game you will be allocated a set number of picks and by picking off locations from the bonus game screen each cash value revealed to you is awarded to you instantly as a winning payout.

Some pick and win bonus games can be played off up until the point in time you reveal a collect message under one of the locations you have pick off the bonus game screen,

Therefore, on such a slot game bonus feature as long as you avoid picking off the location with the collect message hiding underneath it you will keep on being awarded cash prizes until that message is finally revealed to you!